Pre-Alpha Testing

Notice, during Pre-Alpha testing much of the information on this page will be innacruate.  This page is designed to describe what Vengeance will be like post Episode 1 Release.  The Tournaments page will often not be kept updated correctly, as an example, and we do not have a buy-back vendor… yet… as another example.  We are in-game and we are always looking for new active players who need a lot in an active SotA town.  Huzzah Avatars!


Vengeance is located just south of Brittany over the first bridge. You can find us pinpointed with our location and more information about our town on SotA Wiki:

PvP Tournaments

Vengeance is your premier Anti-PK town… which means we love hosting tournaments. Our goal is to provide a safer (not safe) environment for you to smash another avatars hopes and dreams at being the best in New Britannia. Don’t step out of line though, we are not fans of corpse campers or griefers and will be more than happy to step in if you attack someone you shouldn’t or disrupt the event and start to grief your fellow avatars.

Shops and Services

Did you kill someone and take their item? We likely found you and took something of yours to even the score… want it back? Check the buy back vendor where we sell items back to players at double their value. We have other vendors here and welcome shoppers to stop by and get some of the best prices in all of New Britannia.  Yeah, that’s right, since it’s open PvP we sell stuff cheaper here; but, watch your pockets!


Did you live in Fel or Tram? If the answer was Fel then Vengeance is likely the home for your plot. Check with our guild leaders if you’re interested in obtaining a plot. Although the land is freely provided to people we request donations to be made to our guard bank (Order of Vengeance guild hall) when possible and have a strict 30-day activity timer.  If you are going to be offline for more than 30 days please be sure to notify a town manager before leaving.


If you have any questions this page didn’t answer please check with Violation Clauth, the town owner, in the game!