Malus is a town based on the lifestyle of the reds… you know, the people who hung around the moon gate in Fel for so many years on UO.  This is an open pvp town where the residents are only required to tell you you’re dead meat before they kill you.  Principle this town is based on?  Honesty.


Do you need Guards for an event? Perhaps you have rivals you want taken care of? The possibilities are endless. Malus will have a company of Sellswords that will lend their skills of combat for a price. The benefit of hiring a town of honest fighters is that you know they won’t break their contracts!

PvP Central

What does every pvper hate? Having to spend an eternity looking for a fight. Malus will have multiple PvP guilds located inside of it just for this reason! If you need anything for your battles you can buy anything you need from the vendors next door in Vengeance.