We have two towns in Order of Vengeance:

  • Vengeance, a town based on emulating the life in Ultima Online inside of a guarded town… the catch?  The players are the guards.  This is an open pvp town that will be the center hub of all of our towns.  Enjoy shopping, crafting, merchants, pvp, auctions, and more here in Vengeance.  Be sure to bring your sword because you never know who might be around the corner!  Principle this town is based on?  Valor.
  • Malus, a town based on the lifestyle of the reds… you know, the people who hung around the moon gate in Fel for so many years on UO.  This is an open pvp town where the residents are only required to tell you you’re dead meat before they kill you.  Principle this town is based on?  Honesty.