Order’s Auction – 18-Feb-2017

This upcoming auction in Ordinis Mortis will be the host of many amazing items.  A list has been started on the Auctions page (search category OAH for items that have been traded to Violation Clauth and are verified to be in the upcoming auction).

We are also excited to announce that an entire set of Obsidian Armor by DarkStarr, with Enchants and all, will be auctioned at the upcoming auction!

Stay tuned for details on upcoming auctions and events on Order of Vengeance‘s website.

A Tournament for the King

Your presence has been requested at Clauth Keep in Brittany Alley on 3-July-2016 @ 1PM Central.

Directions to Clauth Keep:
Enter the Alley and at the end of the first lane turn right.  The keep has several signs and is labeled as Clauth Keep on one of the signs at the gate. Additionally, Violation Clauth is the property owner.
Once inside the keep take a sharp right and look for the crypt.  In the crypt we have an entry to our basement where you can enjoy a Tournament for the King based in Honor!

  • 16 golden Crown of the Obsidians will be handed out after the event.  The victor will receive any excess gold crowns if 16 do not participate/guard.
  • The victor will also receive 4 golden crowns and 4,000 gold as his prize purse.

Early gladiator sign ups will be honored first.  If you are not at the basement at least 5 minutes early your spot may be given away to another gladiator!  Our tournament page will house brackets and results of the tournament for the remainder of the 31st era in Shroud of the Avatar!

To the Honor of the King! All Hail Lord British!

The Auction Hall is here!

Orders Auction HallWelcome to the Order’s Auction Hall on OrderOfVengeance.com located at https://www.orderofvengeance.com/auctions/.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask; moreover, here’s a brief overview of what to expect:

The Order’s Auction is the “Auction of the Avatars” rebranded.  It’s the first and longest running auction in Shroud of the Avatar and takes place monthly. Recently this was moved to the 3rd Saturday of the month.  Any updates/changes/reschedules for this event will be available on the Community Calendar on Avatars Circle.

The Order’s Auction Hall (OAH) will be used to list items that will appear in the Order’s Auction in-game. This is a way to get a preview of the auction as a buyer and get your items known as a seller.  Each of the merchants will optionally have access to list their own items in the OAH! After registering and receiving access from Violation or another admin there is a simple-to-use interface for listing items.  Once you have access, you may freely post auctions; however, if you post things that are inaccurate or do not come through it can hurt your reputation.

Reputation is controlled by you: the subscriber.  We request that everyone subscribe to the site and rate the sellers 1-5 stars based on their accuracy of listing, availability of items post-purchase, and friendliness of response. Think of this like an e-bay for New Britannia… only way better! The items here that don’t hit their minimums will still be listed for auction at the actual Order’s Auction Hall in Brittany.

Finally, OAH Buyers must register. Due to concern of people bidding for humor or harassments we are requiring all bids be placed via a registered account and tied to a functional email.  When you place a bid the seller will receive your email. In the event that you abuse this site to try and harm one of the merchants success of selling their item, your email will be banned from registration and access of the auction hall.

To be clear: Everyone is welcome to browse without an account; however, registration is currently required for selling or bidding AND will be tied to your reputation. All items here that are not sold via the OAH will be sold via the Order’s Auction in the game!

What are you waiting for?! Check out the most active auctions here: https://www.orderofvengeance.com/auctions/?listing=active!

GenCon 2016 Gathering


I’ll be hosting the GenCon 2016 player gathering that Stile usually hosts. If you’ll be there be sure to let me know!

Primary gathering will be a dinner that will be friendly to all ages, young and old, and primarily focus on saying hi and meeting each other.

Details: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/player-gathering-gencon-indy-2016.49467/

Find me on the forums here.

Players vs Devs – PvD

Hail Avatars!

We are honored to be the chosen few who will be hosting and guarding the first ever Players vs Developers combat tournament!  PvD!  This tournament will be comprised of two sides that will be scored both individually and as a team.  Fighting will be fast and bloody and matches will be limited to two minutes.

Need to Knows:

  • Grudge Match method tournament. (read more on sotawiki)
  • Located on the beach just north of the docks in Vengeance (map).
  • Registration starts at 7:30pm central, 8:30pm eastern
  • Tournament starts at 8:00pm central/NBT, 9:00pm eastern
  • EternalKnight will be the Herald
  • Violation will be the Host / Judge

Good to know:

  • Lord British, Regent Darkstarr, and many of the developers will be in attendance.
  • Prizes will be given away!

Port Phoenix Tournament

Huzzah and thanks to Port Phoenix for inviting Order of Vengeance to host their first ever Player-vs-Player tournament! I’m very excited to provide some screen shots and the results! This wasn’t exclusively the first Port Phoenix tournament it was also the first swiss tournament in SotA!

Screen shots:

Port Phoenix R19 PvP Tournament

Violation and EternalKnight announce the first PvP tournament in Port Phoenix

Lonn strikes Kazyn Phoenixfyre with lightning at R19 Port Phoenix tournament

Kazyn Phoenixfyre strikes Lonn with a Fireball at R19 Port Phoenix tournament

Athanil strikes Ryu Jin with Ice Field at R19 Port Phoenix tournament

Rixus vs Ryu Jin at R19 Port Phoenix tournament