A Tournament for the King

Your presence has been requested at Clauth Keep in Brittany Alley on 3-July-2016 @ 1PM Central.

Directions to Clauth Keep:
Enter the Alley and at the end of the first lane turn right.  The keep has several signs and is labeled as Clauth Keep on one of the signs at the gate. Additionally, Violation Clauth is the property owner.
Once inside the keep take a sharp right and look for the crypt.  In the crypt we have an entry to our basement where you can enjoy a Tournament for the King based in Honor!

  • 16 golden Crown of the Obsidians will be handed out after the event.  The victor will receive any excess gold crowns if 16 do not participate/guard.
  • The victor will also receive 4 golden crowns and 4,000 gold as his prize purse.

Early gladiator sign ups will be honored first.  If you are not at the basement at least 5 minutes early your spot may be given away to another gladiator!  Our tournament page will house brackets and results of the tournament for the remainder of the 31st era in Shroud of the Avatar!

To the Honor of the King! All Hail Lord British!

Author: Duke Violation

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