Order of Vengeance is hosting Shroud of the Avatar Early Access events! Stay tuned on Avatars Circle events calendar for details on when and be sure you contact us early if you want to help in some fashion.

Order of Vengeance is the very first Pre-Alpha Guild, of any kind, for Shroud of the Avatar. We are a group of Ultima / Ultima Online players and fans that are excited about immersing ourselves back into the next amazing adventure by Lord British. Vengeance, the first town of Order of Vengeance, was also the first Open PVP Player Town in Shroud of the Avatar.

Order of Vengeance is a balanced guild. We will be handling all sides of the game and have members who specialize in Production Crafting, Gathering, Merchant Services, Government, Dungeoning, Exploring, and Adventure Questing. If you are wanting to know more about us please join our Forum and ask! Our primary residence town is Ordinis Mortis, located adjacent to Vengeance, just to the south of Brittany.

Order of Vengeance is recruiting! We have a Teamspeak 3 server and Forum for keeping up with guildies. If you think this could be your home then we suggest you join us on TeamSpeak3: desron.typefrag.com!